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Why so expensive?


“Good cake isn’t cheap, cheap cake isn’t good”


I get asked this question all the time so here some of the costs and facts inolved in making a cake


Yes you can get cakes cheaper than mine but these are probably from a supermarket that are mass produced, rushed and not personalised. Oh and the most important thing, I can say that 99% of them won't taste anywhere near as good as mine.


To make a decent sized cake you need a dozen eggs, 2 packs of butter, a bag of flour and caster sugar. Then onto the decoration


• Sugar paste to cover the cake

• Vanilla buttercream (with real butter and real vanilla)

• A cake drum for the base

• A cake box

• A thinner cake board for each cake that is going to be stacked to sit on

• Hidden pillars or dowelling rods to support the cake if tiered

• Additional decoration such as wires, flowers, jewels, posy picks, delivery, modelling materials and not forgetting electricity/gas to bake the cakes.


So, after all that you are looking about £40 in materials All in all, for a 2 tier cake, you are probably looking at £40.00-£50.00 worth of materials and ingredients and then there is my time.


I do love my job LOTS and don't want this to sound negative however I cannot do it for free, although I don't charge excessive amounts that some bakers do but more often than not I work for less than minimum wage! I love letting my creativity flow and creating cakes my customers love! Seeing their faces and comments when they collect is worth it!


So please remember, if you ask an independent cake maker for a quote, you are not going to get it for supermarket prices – but it will look and taste an awful lot better.



What payment methods do you accept?


We accept cash, cheques or bank transfers for both deposits and full amounts for cakes.


Do you have a shop?


I wish! I work from my home kitchen, which is registered with the local council as a food premises and has passed their inspection criteria. However I can always accommodate tasting sessions and meetings either at my home or yours.


How far in advance do I need to order?


This is a tricky question! Some dates are already fully booked a year in advance for large weddings and other events, so I recommend that you place your order as soon as you can for your own peace of mind and to avoid disappointment because once the day is gone, it’s gone!


What is the minimum order for cupcakes? 


The minimum order is 6 cupcakes of any one flavour


Can I have a different coloured cake case?


Absolutely. Just let me know when you order if you would like to change the colour of your cake cases.


Do you deliver ?


Yes I can deliver to most local locations and it is free within a 10 mile radius for Wedding Cakes, however for all other cake orders I would prefer collection due to me having other orders to complete.


How long do your cakes last?


The sponge cakes should last approximately 5-7 days if they are stored at room temperature in a cool place. Once cut the cake should be kept airtight to retain the freshness. Our fruit cakes should last at least three months. Don't put the cake in the fridge though as it will dry the sponge out!


How long will my cupcakes last?


Our regular cupcakes are best eaten on the day of purchase, but can be stored for up to 2-3 days.